Bayou Belles Service Organization


Bayou Belles Charity Service Organization


Texas EquuSearch Donation = $17,800.00
Krause Children Center = $10,500.00
Pediatric Cancer = $7,000.00
Aldeas Infantiles SOS Venezuela = $5,500.00
KSBJ-NGEN Radio = $1,300.00
Additional Charities Served:-
Katy Christian Ministries
Joe Joe Bears Foundation
The Diaper Foundation
The Amobi Foundation
FOCA - Faces of Child Abuse Gala = $15,000.00
- $1,900 FOCA operational
- $10,000 The Children's Shelter of San Antonio
- $3,000 The Rainbow Room of Fort Bend County
Texas EquuSearch "2017" - $24,244.00


Bayou Belles CSO, Inc. is a "Grass Roots" non-profit (501c 3) organization affording ordinary women an opportunity to do extraordinary charitable works for humanity. By pooling together our time and talents we're able to offer an umbrella of services to a variety of smaller, local charitable causes so as to expand their works and/or assure their continued existence.

Bayou Belles is a visionary service organization dedicated to cultivating the passion for giving, and promoting volunteerism on the community level.

Our MISSION is to serve as a voice for a variety of the smaller non-profit charity organizations by providing services such as:

  • Public Awareness

  • Fundraisers & Charity Events

  • Group Volunteer Manpower

Our MISSION is to also prepare the hearts, minds, and hands of our students to serve God and Community.

  • Youth Philanthropic and Leadership Program (6yrs - 13yrs)

  • Jr Mentor & Cotillion Program (14yrs - 18yrs)

Our MISSION is to also provide (non-profit 501c3) training, and offer resume' worthy (Volunteer, Officer, and Board Of Director) positions to our members that might not otherwise be made available to them.

MOTTO: Working together on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.

VISION: Our goal is to become one of the most sought after service organizations for community volunteer projects, public awareness events, and charity fundraising.


  • Address community needs through action & leadership

  • Promote volunteerism

  • Stimulate the passion for giving

  • Rallying for a variety of smaller non-profit Charity Organizations through fundraising and volunteered manpower

  • Solicit tax deductible donations for venue, food, entertainment, and guest speakers for our annual charity gala

  • Inspire and Mentor the youth in our community to also have charitable hearts via our "Petite Belles & Beaux" program

  • Encourage hope and giving a sense of possibility to those feeling that they are too insignificant to produce positive change for others


Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce        Texas Equusearch
Texas Equusearch      The Diaper Foundation  Texas Childrens Pediatrics

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